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This site is continually refreshed with new liturgies and resources in line with the Australian Liturgical Calendar.

Access to the liturgies and resources is available through an annual membership subscription fee. By entering their allocated username and password, Members can access and download, as they require, liturgy and prayer ritual documents, articles, reflections and meditations, photographs, clip art and E-posters. Once logged in, Members also have unlimited access to the online video library. Please note the videos can only be viewed online via streaming and cannot be downloaded or forwarded via links.

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Downloading any resource from this site assumes your acceptance of the following copyright conditions:

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Members are permitted to use images from the site for non-profit usage for the following purposes: Visual /Powerpoint presentations, newsletters, bulletins, reports and presentations, handouts, lecture notes and worksheets.

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Should you wish to contact the relevant photographer or artist directly, please email our office on for contact details.

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Whenever downloads are used from this site, standard copyright acknowledgement is to be given on every reproduction of the download.  For images, if the artist/photographer is listed their name should appear first as demonstrated below:

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