Thresholds of Transformation

The Holon Journal

This unique journal process offers insight and guidance for those who are seeking to address and resolve conflicts and tensions in their relationships, and in their life choices. It is a practical tool for personal growth and transformation.
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A practical tool for moving beyond conflict into growth and transformation


All creation, from the tiniest insect to the millions of galaxies that make up the universe, and to our own humanity, is made up of an entity called “holon”. A holon is a whole part/particle that connects to other holons and becomes a more complex entity.

An example of holons and their interconnectedness is a tree, which consists of many holons, such as the roots, the trunk, the branch, and the leaf, each contributing their unique task to the formation and development of the whole tree.

This evolutionary capacity of holons is due to four specific functions at work in holons. These four functions, which are outlined below, have inspired the development of this Holon Journal.

Since the human person is the most complex of all holons, an understanding and conscious awareness of the four holon functions at work in us can empower our growth and transformation.

The Four Holon Functions

We manifest the four functions of holons in our daily living through our conscious or unconscious acts and choices in how we relate, interact, participate, and respond in situations and in relationships. 

The four holon functions are outlined below:

  • Self-Preservation: Honouring, upholding one’s unique identity and personal integrity.
  • Self-Adaptation: Adapting, connecting, engaging, uniting with others.
  • Self-Transcendence: Seeking, yearning, changing, growing, becoming more.
  • Self-Dissolution: Stagnation, refusal to change, to grow, disempowerment.

Exploring how holon functions operate in our life through journaling can help us deal with conflict and our underlying motivations. The Holon Journal is a practical tool that, if used regularly, has the potential to raise one’s awareness of the power of transcendence and interconnectivity innately at work in us.

This is done by observing and noting how the holon functions manifest in us in our daily reality and in the choices we make.

The intention of this Holon Journal is to enable a person to move through conflict and tension in order to come to a transformative place of new awareness, growth, and development. 

It is not intended to be a daily journal process but rather used when tension and conflict present in relationships and stressful circumstances.

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