Thresholds of Transformation

Engaging the Spiritual Capacities of the Heart

The journey from our head to our heart can be a lifelong journey!  This resource offers practical processes, reflections and rituals to enable individuals and communities to engage in the heart’s spiritual capacities of listening, seeing, thinking and responding. When we engage in these heart capacities, we open ourselves and each other to a depth of wisdom and insight that can enhance our daily living and personal/communal transformation.
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There are three Reflective Processes in this resource:

  • Communal Heart Wisdom
  • Journey to the Heart Meditative Journal
  • Responding With Heart

Each of these processes has been designed to support individuals and groups in centering themselves in the sacred space of their hearts as they engage in personal and communal discernment.

By engaging in the meditative journalling processes that these resources offer, individuals and groups are drawn into deeper insights and new awareness. These resources can be used for personal enrichment, community development and staff/team building.

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Journey to the Heart
Presented as a guided audio recording with transcript
Responding With Heart
Presented as a guided audio recording with transcript

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