Thresholds of Transformation

Transforming Relationships

The majority of our time is spent in various relationships and some form of group and/or community. At times, there can be conflict, tensions, judgments, and misunderstandings. The reflections and processes in Transforming Relationships can enable us to deepen our awareness and bring about more harmonious relationships.
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As we look at our daily life, we see that the majority of our time is spent in various relationships and some form of group and/or community. In our relationships, we tend to unconsciously question who we are in the relationship; who the other(s) is, and who we are together. If we are aware of such questions, they can help us mindfully be our most authentic self. With a deeper awareness of our responses to these questions, we can more effectively deal with conflict, group tensions, judgments, and misunderstandings.

This series on Transforming Relationships focuses on the interplay of the individual and the group in terms of life stances: living mindfully and being non-defended. We will explore how attending to our assumptions and living from a non-dualistic mentality can help us be faithful to these life stances.

The processes are best done in a small group, whether that be within one’s personal relationship(s), family, community, or work relationships because some of our deepest insights or awarenesses come from our interactions with others. Recognizing what is at work in myself and/or in others can bring about understanding and transformation.

An individual can also benefit from these reflective processes especially if they share their insights with a trusted friend or take time to journal what is being revealed.

The Transforming Relationships Processes

In using Transforming Relationships, we encourage you to do the four Processes in the following sequence:

  • Process 1: Engaging Self-Awareness and Mindfulness in Building Relationships
  • Process 2: Recognizing the Impact of Assumptions on Our Relationships
  • Process 3: Embracing a Non-Defended Stance in Relationships
  • Process 4: Developing a Non-Dualistic Stance in Relationships

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