Thresholds of Transformation

Transformative Leadership

An invaluable resource of a short video presentation, process guide and reflective article for Congregations and any organisation as they discern elected leadership. The intent of this resource is to explore how a contemplative, relational, systemic and cultural stance in leadership can enable and empower personal, communal and systemic transformation.
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Transformative Leadership within Congregations / Organizations


While considering leadership in the context of Religious Congregations, these reflections and accompanying resources hold relevance for any organizational leadership in our world today. We live in a time of disruption, volatility, and uncertainty. Our systems are breaking down and our tried-and-true ways of leading no longer work. What then, do we need in leadership?

We need effective leaders who are also effective members. The time of a charismatic and visionary leader needs to yield to sharing leadership throughout the congregation or organization, holding the creative tension of differences for the sake of the collective good. This requires courageous conversation and discernment.

When engaging in discernment for leadership, it is critical to remember that effective leaders come from effective members. Discernment calls us to reflect on our own innate gifts and capacities for leadership before even considering who might best lead the congregation at this time.

Today’s leaders must embrace a contemplative stance where they are grounded in their values and purpose, and know how to make meaning of reality. They clearly need to be relational, open to collaborate, learn from others, and call on others to deal with the complex issues of these times. Leaders have to be savvy in leading their organizations; how to make wise decisions and stand in the face of resistance calling forth creativity and innovation. Finally, today’s leaders must be culturally and globally aware.

These four stances are the focus of this Transformative Leadership Resource. Donna Fyffe, (Ed.S) breaks open each stance in terms of meaning and behavior. She calls on both leaders and members to reflect on how these are operative in their lives for without a widespread, conscious and shared commitment to embracing change, neither transformation nor change will happen.

The Transformative Leadership Process

This Transformative Leadership Resource can be used as a stand-alone process or integrated into Congregation-wide/organizational meetings to discern qualities and skills needed for leadership. The resource includes the following:

  • A streaming link to a 25-minute video presentation by Donna Fyffe with a process guide to facilitate the presentation of the video in a communal setting and in a contemplative spirit.
  •  A group feedback form to capture the wisdom of the group.
  • The reflective article, “Transformative Leaders: Embracing a Contemplative, Relational, Systemic and Cultural Approach to Leadership”, which contains the key concepts and behaviors needed for transformative leaders.

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