MP3 Album: Into The Deep

The familiar story of Jesus’ invitation and challenge to Simon, James and John, to launch out into deep water (Lk5:40), is the scriptural inspiration for this collection of mantras.
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Into the Deep Reflection by Monica

Into the Deep is an invaluable resource for:

  • Personal and communal discernment
  • Spiritual direction and accompaniment
  • Meditative, contemplative prayer
  • The ongoing preparation for Synod 2023, which calls us to discern what steps the Spirit is inviting us to take in order to grow as a synodal Church.
  • For retreats, prayer, and discernment with School/Parish Staff and NFP Boards. An appreciation of some of the mantras in this collection requires a spiritual readiness and depth of faith. For prayer and discernment with groups such as school/parish staffs and NFP Boards we recommend the following selections from the album: “Into the Deep”, “Awaken Us”, “Lead Us Guide Us”, “Shepherd Us”, “We Hold You In Our Hearts”, “Into the Deep Reflective Instrumental”.

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Songs with an asterisk (*) have been inspired by Monica’s work with the Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd in preparation for their Assembly and Chapter 2021.

Into the Deep, Applauded Around the World…

Read full testimonials of Into the Deep here

Into the Deep” is an apt description of the quality of Monica Brown’s music. These peaceful prayers are filled with soothing melodies and messages for the soul. Listening to these songs strengthens union with the Divine.”   Joyce Rupp, International Author, and Speaker, Iowa, USA

“The new CD is beautiful! There are many amazing tracks that I just love!”  Lina Bertolini, Principal, Catholic Primary School, Perth, Western Australia

Into the Deep” is a soulful collection of contemplative songs that will awaken the stirrings of the Spirit…. I highly recommend this album.  You will be blessed…”   Bernadette Flanagan, Spirituality Institute, Dublin, Ireland

“These beautiful songs and lyrics invite us to ponder calmly and progress more deeply into the beauty and love of God through silence and contemplation…” Ray Arthur, Marist Brothers Formation Centre, Manila, Philippines

“These sung prayers clearly are for discerners, seekers and those who tend the soul of others…”  Donna M. Fyffe, International Chapter Facilitator and President of Community Works, Inc., Indiana, USA

“Praying with these mantra-songs by Monica Brown has been such a blessing for personal and communal contemplative prayer and discernment. They have the capacity to usher one into an endless journey of being and becoming one with the Source and Womb of all life…” Catherine Mutindi, RGS, Kenya

“More than we imagined, more than we could ever dream…listening to Monica’s new album is a journey into the deep with the God who calls, who transforms, who empowers…”  Anne Sklenars, RNDM, Hamilton, New Zealand

“The power and depth of this collection of reflective mantras comes from Monica’s own heart-knowledge… it such a blessing to all of us who are struggling through the unprecedented challenges of our times…” Margaret Silf, International Author and Retreat Facilitator, Scotland, United Kingdom

Into the Deep is like a retreat experience… the melodies are lovely, soothing and tend to linger in the memory. The orchestration adds another layer of beauty to the whole…”  Loretta Manzara, Assistant Congregational Leader, Congregation of the Sisters of St Joseph in Canada

Into the Deep, very especially suitable for personal meditation and contemplation, these songs lead us to hear that for which we are exquisitely wired – the voice, the love song, the melodies of the Sacred One…”  Jill McCorquodale, Spiritual Director, Melbourne Australia

“A biblically rooted, lyrical, and timely arrangement, echoing the call of Pope Francis to become a synodal-pilgrim people that longs for, listens to, discerns, and surrenders to the gracious and transformative Spirit of Jesus…” Fr Michael Dyer, Milton Parish, NSW Australia

Into the Deep is beautiful!  Catholic School leaders would find the collection both useful and beautiful, especially the title song!” Paul Skippen, Author and Editor, GBPS and, Australia

“Monica’s newest album  offers a gentle reminder to be faithful to the soul’s invitation to courageously and persistently go deeper into the silence in pursuit of the Divine. “Catherine Schneider OSF, Indianapolis, USA

Into the Deep…’ a delightful selection of prayerful music, and Scripture-based mantras which lead us into the inner chamber of our hearts so as to listen to the message of the life-giving Holy Spirit…”  Angela Grant, Daughter of St Paul, London, United Kingdom

“Given the complexity and demands of life today, the Album ‘Into the Deep’ by inspirational singer/songwriter Monica Brown, is a timely reminder for the need to adopt a contemplative stance. The repetitive nature of the mantras – the profound lyrics, accompanied by gentle reflective music, draws us into the depths of silence…”  Mary Franzmann, Congregational Leader, Queensland Presentation Sisters, Australia

Into the Deep… my experience was that of a settling and grounding sense in me that was at once inspiring and peaceful.  Both the lyrics and musical arrangements carry one to a place of stillness and Mystery awareness.  Fr Anthony O’Connor, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada