Thresholds of Transformation

Enrichment Resources

Emmaus Productions is delighted to offer a variety of resources to support ongoing personal, communal and systemic transformation.

While these resources have been developed for those who have participated in the Thresholds of Transformation Journey, they are supportive and relevant to anyone seeking to nurture their personal growth, and/or to enrich and strengthen their relationships in their family, community or workplace.

And we are also excited to announce that we now have FULL TRANSLATIONS of these resources availabe in French and Spanish!

The inspirational Irish writer, Daniel O’Leary reminds us that “Only transformed people can transform others…truly transformed people organically change the world.” (Dancing to my Death – Daniel O’Leary)

In supporting this belief, you will find in the links below music, videos, reflections, processes and rituals offering inspiration and insight, as well as practical tools that will empower personal, communal and systemic transformation.

In offering these resources, it is our hope and prayer that together we will embrace integral ecology as a way of contributing to the transformation of our world.

Follow the links below for inspirational and practical resources that will be beneficial to individuals and groups seeking personal, communal and systemic transformation.