Thresholds of Transformation

Reflective Processes, Ritual & Prayer Enrichment Resources

Here you will find practical tools including the Holon Journal and other reflective processes used in the Thresholds of Transformation Journey.

In addition, there are processes for personal and communal discernment in support of systemic transformation, transformative leadership, and governance.

Rituals and Prayers

Below you will find a list of resources from various contributors to support you in your personal and communal ritual and prayer around the themes and threads of the sacred mystery of the Universe and the ecological spirituality that Laudato Si calls us to embrace. Click on each title to open the resource.

Online retreats by Margaret Silf at THE WELL SPIRITUALITY CENTRE, USA

Dadirri – Inner Deep Listening and Quiet Still Awareness

A reflection and simple ritual by Australian Indigenous elder, Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann.

Cosmic Sparks: Igniting a Re-Enchantment with The Sacred

A collection of rituals and prayers by Margie Abbott, RSM.

Earth Mama’s Music in Ceremonies & Rituals

A collection of rituals and prayers by Carmel Bracken RSM and Kathleen Glennon RSM which integrate Earth Mama’s music.

Sparks of the Universe – Rituals Awakening an Appreciation for Earth, Our Common Home

Book of rituals by Jennifer Callanan inspired by Laudato Si’.

Sacred Butterflies

Poems, Prayers and Practices by Jim Conlon.

Praying a New Story

Book by Michael Morwood.

Prayers for Progressive Christians: A New Template

Book by Michael Morwood.

If Darwin Prayed: Prayers for Evolutionary Mystics

Book by Bruce G Sanguin.

The Celtic Wheel of the Year

Celtic and Christian Seasonal Prayers by Tess Ward.

Worship and the New Cosmology

Liturgical and Theological Challenges by Catherine Vincie, RSHM.

The Soul of The Earth

A beautiful website offering poetic reflections and images, including the inspiring reflection: Laudato Deum – A Cry of the Heart.