Reflections with Noel Davis

Each of the 5-minute episodes in this video series is centred on the poetry of the much-loved Australian poet, Noel Davis.

The poem is presented by Noel and then opened up with images and music for further reflection.

This Thought For The Day Series is, “A little soul time, a few moments of quiet reflection to gather ourselves as we move with confidence into the gift of the day and bring our joy and magnanimity to its unfolding”. (Noel Davis)

There are now 16 episodes of this beautiful series and each one runs for 3-5 minutes.

Noel’s parting gift…

The Joy of Living Our Heart’s Knowing and Imagining
Book cover of The Joy of Living Our Heart's Knowing and Imagining by Noel Davis

Episode Titles

  1. A Graceful Seduction
  2. Keep Reminding Me
  3. Just Come
  4. Growing into Fullness
  5. On the Wings of One-der
  6. Reclaim Your Sacred Site
  7. A Pause
  8. Love and Miracles
  9. The Resurrection of the Living
  10. Humility
  11. What of Truth
  12. To Be With Others
  13. There Comes a Time
  14. Life in the Penthouse
  15. Forgiveness Track
  16. A Love Stop

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Video Samples

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Ep.1 A Graceful Seduction

Ep.8 Love and Miracles

About Noel Davis

The biography at the end of this page was written by Noel when the Thought for the Day video series was launched in 2017.

Noel continued writing up to his death on 27 March 2021. His final piece was his prayer of surrender written for his own farewell. Find out more about The Joy of Living Our Heart’s Knowing and Imagining.

What to share with you as I approach my 77th birthday in June and am in fragile health? A little about writing in my life. Writing has become a loved companion and a way of prayer. Since my early forties, it has been a healing pathway.

It is a joy to be able to express what is on my heart and what I imagine of the universe that dreamt me, birthed me and sustains me. I have come to trust my heart’s imaginings and my life endeavour is to live with integrity what I write. I’m learning to be tender and loving of myself when I fall short of this.

Central to my spirituality at present is the belief that we are God’s loving prayer that we see and hear with our hearts the ever-present spiritual realm that we are immersed in.

I am grateful to you for your love and support, for taking the time to read and reflect on what I have written and to trust your own life experiences I hope it evokes.

Blessings, Noel

Noel Davis, 2017
Headshot of Richard Leonard SJ

Noel Davis