The Joy of Living
Our Heart’s Knowing and Imagining

A parting gift from the much-loved Australian Poet

Noel Davis

Photo of Australian poet, Noel Davis.

Before his death in March last year, Noel was quietly preparing a special gift for us.

His last reflections have been collated in a moving literary collection…

The Joy of Living: Our Heart’s
Knowing and Imagining

Noel is with us still!

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We are blessed to have this precious gift from Noel, poured out for us from his generous heart, gracing us with the wisdom of his heart’s knowing.

Book cover of The Joy of Living - Out Heart's Knowing and Imagining by Noel Davis

“Life at heart is life lived in the Spirit
the Spirit of Light and Love.
Spirit inspires us to live our lives this way with ourselves
and in relating with others
living courageously and gratefully the flesh and blood reality of each new day.”

Don’t forget that our Online Prayer & Meditation Library features Noel’s 16-episode video series, Thought for the Day, featuring much of his inspiring original poetry.