Reflections with Michael Whelan

  • Dying is not simply something that happens at the end of life, or to the end of living.
  • At the heart of our lives there is a profound paradox: The surrender and letting go is a dying that allows us to live, the refusal to embrace the dying leads us away from life into death. Life is full of these moments where living and dying interact.
  • Dying is not the enemy of living but the servant of living.
  • When we resist the everyday dying that leads to a more authentic life, we can get stuck: we can get caught in a sort of ‘death-in-life’.
  • Life is constantly calling us to die to what is no longer needed and what is in fact getting in the way of our journey into life. Through that dying we grow in freedom and our humanity is deepened.
  • This brings us to the Cross. The Cross is the ultimate expression of the “I am with you” promise of the Exodus. It is also the assurance that lies behind the most often-repeated command in the Bible: ‘Don’t be afraid!’

These are some of the key reflections that Michael Whelan opens up for us with insight, depth and relevance in this special series.

Each of the 6 episodes in this video series begins with a striking visual reflection of the suffering at the heart of our humanity, which is the underlying context for Michael’s reflections on the foolish paradoxical wisdom of the Paschal Mystery. 

Michael’s reflections are supported with images and reflective pauses to ponder relevant and challenging questions.  Each episode, which runs for approximately 10–12 minutes, concludes with a prayer and questions for further reflection.

This series is ideal for personal reflection and prayer during Lent and Holy Week or for a communal/small group Lenten Program.

Episode Titles

  1. The Rhythm of Life
  2. Daily Life Choices
  3. Embracing Our Vulnerability
  4. Living The Dying
  5. Death And Life In The Wilderness
  6. The Cross – Transformation

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Ep.1 The Rhythm of Life

About Fr Michael Whelan

Michael Whelan was professed as a member of the Society of Mary (Marist Fathers) in Australia in 1966. He was ordained in Sydney in 1972. In 1977 he began five years of post-graduate work with Adrian van Kaam at the Institute of Formative Spirituality at Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA. He gained his PhD in 1984.

Michael set up the Spirituality Department at the Catholic Theological Union (CTU) in Sydney in 1985. He lectured there until 1995. From 1989 to 1994 he was principal of the CTU and President of the Sydney College of Divinity 1990-91.

Between 1995 and 1999 he gave seminars and retreats in Australia and internationally.

In 2000 he was appointed Principal of Aquinas Academy Adult Education Centre in Sydney and remains in the position today. In 2016 he was also appointed Parish Priest of St Patrick’s Church, Church Hill.

Fr Michael Whelan SM PhD