Breaking Open Scripture with Symbol, Imagery, Ritual & Music

In this Living Word video series for adults, the Word of God is broken open through the use of symbols, imagery, ritual, music and reflection.

Each video runs on average between 8-12 minutes and the format consists of:

Part A:  Proclamation and breaking open of the Word.
Part B:  Pondering the Word.
Part C:  Reflection and prayer that concludes with a hymn, mantra or song relevant to the particular scripture text.

This particular video series of Living Word presumes a minimum of faith and a readiness for reflection and prayer, as well as an appreciation of Scripture. This is important to note if using these videos with individuals or groups. In such cases, we encourage the facilitator to view the video beforehand to assess its suitability for the group or for the individual(s).

The videos are intended for prayer and reflection and it is recommended that they be viewed in a reflective prayerful atmosphere.

Episode Titles

  1. Do Not Be Afraid I Am With You
  2. The Good Samaritan
  3. Neither Do I Condemn You
  4. Beatitudes
  5. What God Asks of You (Micah’s theme)
  6. The Leper
  7. The Potter and The Clay
  8. Make Your Home in Me
  9. Honoured, Precious & Loved (Isaiah 43) *bonus

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Video Samples

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Honoured, Precious & Loved

Ep.6 The Leper