The Heart of Incarnation by Daniel O’Leary

An inspirational meditative series of some of Daniel O’Leary’s gems taken from his book and E-course, An Astonishing Secret.

Each episode begins with a voice-over of Daniel reflecting briefly on various aspects of the mystery of Incarnation and its implications for us.  This is followed by relevant images, which are accompanied by music, offering a visual reflection on Daniel’s insights and wisdom.

Following this visual reflection, the viewer is guided into a meditative space to consider how Daniel’s reflection and imagery speak to them.

Each episode, which runs for approximately 8–10 minutes, concludes with questions for personal reflection or group sharing.

This video series is dedicated to the memory of Daniel and is a tribute to his inspirational poetic and prophetic wisdom and spirit.

For more of Daniel’s reflections, particularly his book and video courseplease follow this link > Begin with the Heart: Encompassing An Astonishing Secret.

Episode Titles

  1. Incarnation – The Fleshing of God’s Beauty
  2. The Face of God
  3. God is The Energy of All Life
  4. Heaven Here and Now
  5. The Body – The Threshold of The Divine
  6. God at Home in Our Humanity
  7. Incarnation – The Real Presence of God
  8. Truly Human, Truly Divine
  9. Growing In Faith
  10. Self-Realisation and Our Inner Work

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Video Samples

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Ep.1 Incarnation – The Fleshing of God’s Beauty

Ep.7 Incarnation – The Real Presence of God

About Daniel “Donal” O’Leary

Daniel, known affectionally as Donal, was an Irish man from Rathmore, County Kerry Ireland, who became a priest of the Diocese of Leeds. He was an author, teacher and poet. As curate and Parish Priest, he worked in parishes for almost 30 years.

For another 20 years, he taught theology and religious education at St Mary’s University College in London and was Chair of its Religious Studies Department before being appointed Episcopal Vicar for Christian Formation in Leeds until 2000.

He held a Masters degree in theology, spirituality and religious education. Daniel was an Award-winning author of over 14 books. He was a regular contributor to the Tablet and the Irish Furrow. He facilitated conferences and retreats for parishioners, teachers, catechists, head teachers, priests and Diocesan RE Advisers and Religious Communities around the country and internationally.

When asked about the search for God, Daniel would simply say, “Begin with the heart.” This became the motto and inspiration of his ministry and his very life. Daniel appreciated with a profound and reverent passion, that a life-enhancing understanding of the Incarnation; the fleshing of God, springs from a traditional and orthodox (but mostly forgotten) theology of nature and grace which transforms our understanding of the Incarnation.

This understanding, in turn, transforms the quality of our lives and ministry. Our ‘hidden self’ emerges
and we begin to experience in the here and now, the promised ‘abundant life’.

This theology and spirituality, this new way of being and of seeing, became the consummate focus of Daniel’s life and ministry and is the heart of his inspirational book and E-course, An Astonishing Secret.

“There are few voices in over fifty years of wrestling with the gospel and our common work which have been so unfailingly illuminating.”

Mons Tony Doherty – Sydney Australia
Headshot of Richard Leonard SJ

Fr Daniel O’Leary

“Daniel was a very gracious and gifted person and we will all have special memories of him – treasure them. We are the better for his kindness, his humour, his wisdom and his undying belief in an incarnate God whose name is Love. We give thanks for the many ways he has touched our lives.”

Association of Catholic Priests – Ireland