Liturgical Image & Text Reflections

This video series offers image reflections on keywords from the Gospels for the liturgical seasons and major feasts. The images and texts are accompanied by reflective music.

Following this, the viewers are invited to relate the text and images to their own life experiences through questions for personal reflection or group sharing.

The video experience concludes with a prayer and the opportunity to sing a relevant song.

There are over 40 videos in this series and each one runs for approximately 3-5 minutes.

Episodes include

  • Advent – Mindful and Ready
  • Advent – Bearing Fruit
  • Advent – Wilderness
  • Advent – Emmanuel
  • Advent – A Love Story
  • O Antiphons
  • Christmas – Hidden Figures
  • Holy Week – The Way of the Cross
  • Lent – Listen to Him
  • Lent – God’s Beloved
  • Lent – Homecoming
  • Easter – Jesus is Risen!
  • Pentecost – Filled with the Spirit

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Video Samples

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Advent – Mindful and Ready

Advent – Bearing Fruit