Reflections with Joyce Rupp

Emmaus Productions is delighted and honoured to present to you this very special series with the much loved and internationally acclaimed poet and spiritual guide, Joyce Rupp.

In this very timely series, Joyce inspires and guides us with her reflections and poems on the upheavals, challenges, and ultimate blessings that we experience through the changes and transitions we inevitably face in our lives.

Each of the 10 episodes in this beautiful series, features Joyce personally sharing with us the threads of some of her own transitions, by way of introducing the theme of each episode and the poems that have emerged from those transitions.

These reflections and poems are accompanied by relevant imagery and music and are followed by some focus questions for personal reflection.  Each episode ends with a closing prayer from Joyce.

Episode Titles & Featured Poems

  1. Crossing the Bridges of Life: Crossing Over
  2. The Ache of Autumn in Us: The Ache of Autumn in Us
  3. Grief Has Come to My Home: Grief Has Come to My Home
  4. Trusting Our Inner Resilience: A Legacy of Endurance
  5. The Tidal Pattern of Prayer: The Tidal Patter of Prayer
  6. Letting Go of RegretsThe Hungry Lion
  7. Seeking Shelter in the Storms of Life: Leaning on God
  8. Releasing What Holds Us Back: Leaf by Leaf
  9. Recovering Hope: I Have Been Entombed
  10. A Deepening Sense of Communion – The Cosmic Tree of Life

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Video Samples

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Ep.2 The Ache of Autumn in Us

Ep.6 Letting Go of Regrets (The Hungry Lion)