Thresholds of Transformation

Music by
Kathy Sherman CSJ

About Kathy

Kathy is a writer, singer and activist who believes that all life is permeated with the sacred. She is passionate about writing music that fosters hope and healing for our world.

She is deeply committed to working for non-violence, racial justice and advocating for the protection and healing of our planet, especially through songwriting. Kathy has published music over five decades that is cherished around the world.

Kathy continues to listen for “music in the spheres” waiting to become a new song.

“Our ordinary, yet extraordinary lives are filled with countless wounds and wonders that are drenched with the sacred. This fiercely held belief keeps me composing music. I pray that it celebrates the miracle and mystery of life and keeps alive the hope that one day, our world will realize that “All Is ONE!”  (Kathy Sherman)

Image of Kathy Sherman at her piano

Kathy’s Music Streaming Online

Spotify Selection

Below is a selection from Kathy’s expansive collection of songs that sing of creation and ecological spirituality.  The song links will take you to Spotify where you can listen to song samples. For downloadable mp3 files and sheet music, please mail The Ministry of the Arts at

For more information on Kathy, visit her website Ministry of the Arts or Kathy’s Facebook Page