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Book | Telling Our Faith Stories

This book is about telling our faith stories. Although the context for telling our faith stories is a series of reflections about the author’s own faith journey, especially in recent years, the author regularly invites readers to name some significant ‘stepping stones’ to their own faith stories.

Telling our Faith Stories: My Story and Your Stories within the Great Story of the Universe is a description of the author’s faith journey set at the beginning of the Third Epoch in the 2000-year-old Christian story.

Drawing on insights from the author’s more recent faith experiences, the book highlights the urgency of the church to experience a transformation of its structures and theology to further align its life and traditions with God’s revelation in Jesus and the Spirit.

How might Christians participate in its mission to enhance ‘life in abundance’ (John 10:10) and ‘wholeness’ for the whole world, all within the evolving story of an unfinished universe? By sharing some features of his faith story, the author invites readers to do likewise.

Image of book cover "Telling Our Faith Stories" by Kevin Treston