Emmaus Productions is delighted to offer you these free video and music resources for Holy Week and Easter.

For Children and Families

Holy Week

The Way of The Cross – Jesus’ Way

Embark on a heartfelt journey with your students through the Stations of the Cross, with this child-friendly portrayal of Jesus’ Holy Week journey,  that makes this sacred tradition accessible and meaningful to young hearts.

This beautiful video is facilitated by the teacher or prayer leader and invites the children into prayerful responses and personal reflection.

It is ideal for a whole school ritual during Holy Week, with virtually no preparation!  It can also be used in classrooms for daily prayer, leading up to Holy Week, by showing one or two of the Stations each day prior to Good Friday.

Download the text of The Way of The Cross – Jesus’ Way

View the video here

Easter Song

Living is the Word

Celebrate the joy of Easter with our uplifting Easter song that resonates with the spirit of new life l and hope. Engage your students in a musical exploration of the Easter story, fostering a sense of joy and gratitude.

View the music video here

Too Deep For Words – God’s Love for Us

A tender meditative mantra, inspired by the words of St Mary MacKillop.
The music is enhanced with beautiful images that reveal the profound love God has for us as expressed in creation, in our relationships and in the gift of Jesus.

View the music video here

Holy Week & Easter
Reflections for Adults

Reflective Reading for Holy Week & Easter
by Niamh Brennan

For Adults

Holy Week

The Way Of The Cross: Jesus’ Way – Our Way

A powerful heart-felt reflection on the passion of Jesus and its relevance in our daily lives.

Download the text of The Way of The Cross

View the video here

The Cross – Dying That Leads to Life

The following two videos are part of a series of video reflections by Michael Whelan SM, on the paradoxical wisdom of the Paschal Mystery in our daily living. These reflections are supported and enhanced with images and relevant questions for personal reflection or group sharing.

The Rhythm of Life

There is a rhythm to life and at the heart of that rhythm is an interplay between living and dying. We see it everywhere. We know it in our own journey. There is a profound paradox in the death/life interplay; the surrender and letting go is a dying that allows us to live, the refusal to embrace the dying leads us away from life into death. Life is full of these moments where living and dying interact.

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Daily Life Choices

The natural interplay between living and dying presents us, each day, with an amazing opportunity to live in harmony and become more authentic and more fully alive. Our daily choices will enable us to live our dying or to resist it and accumulate death; emotional, psychological and spiritual death that leaves us dysfunctional and struggling to truly live.
–Michael Whelan SM

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Music Videos

A New Dawn

This Is Your Way

Too Deep For Words